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Decorative Painting by Kristie

faux finishes, murals, handpainting and decorative finishes

Photo Gallery

Stripes Stripes stripes with sponging on / off 63910081 stripes with sponging on / off 63910082 stripes with plastic bag technique 63910083 varnished stripes 63964914 ragged stripes 63973234 ragged stripes 63973235 horizontal stripes 63965085 horizontal stripes 99070853 horizontal stripes 144420732 horizontal stripes 99070855 graduated stripes 144420503 stripes and stamping 63910080 pearlized stripes 99070851 pearlized stripes 99070852 3-dimensional stenciling on stripes 99070854 color washed stripes with pearlized paint 138840962